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Outcomes Measurement Framework

In early 2017, Housing Plus commenced a project to implement an Outcomes Measurement Framework. Its purpose is to gain a better understanding of the outcomes and impacts of services, provide better evidence of outcomes and impacts to existing and potential funding bodies, and improve outcomes and impacts through optimal decision-making and innovation. The framework aligns with the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework and the
Australian Social Value Bank.

A pilot project to trial the data collection surveys and processes, as well as the report generation systems, commenced in September 2017. Full implementation of the Outcomes Measurement Framework commenced in January 2018.

The first round of results will be available to view here shortly.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

We contract the NSW Federation of Housing Associations to undertake biennial tenant satisfaction surveys.

The aims of this survey are to:

  • Establish levels of tenant satisfaction with services in line with the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH)
  • Benchmark performance levels against the Federation’s tenant satisfaction benchmarking group
  • Inform future service delivery improvements.

In 2016, our tenants showed good levels of satisfaction with most areas of housing services. We met all three NRSCH thresholds (set at 75%) including:

  • Satisfaction with housing services (83% satisfaction)
  • Overall satisfaction with property condition (83% satisfaction); and
  • Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance (79% satisfaction).

Employee Engagement Survey

In 2017, our employees showed good levels of satisfaction with their roles and responsibilities, the work environment, management and the future direction of the organisation.

  • Over 95% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed to the statement,
    “I enjoy my job.”
  • Over 90% agreed their manager is approachable and treats them with respect.
  • 88% believe the future for Housing Plus is positive; and
  • 86% feel a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to Housing Plus.