Types of Housing

Types of Housing We Offer

Community Housing

What is Community Housing?

Community housing provides secure, affordable, long-term rental accommodation for individuals and families living on low to moderate incomes.

In order to secure community housing, upon successful application you will be placed on a waiting list that is accessible by all social housing providers.

Are you eligible for Community Housing?
To be eligible for community housing, you must meet the following criteria:
How to apply
You can apply for housing by submitting an Application for Housing Assistance online or by calling the Housing Contact Centre on 1800 422 322 between 9am-5pm weekdays. You will need your Medicare card and your Centrelink details when you call. For more information about applying for Community Housing, visit www.housingpathways.nsw.gov.au.
When will I get a property?

If your application is approved, you will be placed on a waiting list that is accessible by all social housing providers.

The time you wait will depend on:

How do I accept an offer?

You will have two days from receiving the offer to inspect the property, decide if it suits your needs and accept the property.

If you do not respond within two days, we will assume you are not interested and the property will be offered to another applicant.

You will be given up to two reasonable offers of suitable housing. If you do not accept these reasonable offers, your name may be removed from the waiting list.

Affordable Housing

What is Affordable Rental Housing?

Affordable rental housing is designed to meet the needs of people on low to moderate incomes, where the rent charged is 80% of the market rent for the property.

Affordable housing is not the same as social / community housing, and if you are not eligible for social housing you may still be eligible for affordable housing. It has higher income limits so it allows you to earn more money while still paying rent that is lower than the current market rent.

Housing Plus offers affordable housing in Orange, Bathurst, Mudgee, Lithgow and Dubbo.

Are you eligible for Affordable Housing?
Eligibility for affordable housing mostly depends on your household income, with minimum and maximum limits set out by state and/or federal governments, depending on the property and the size of your household. For current income eligibility requirements please ask our staff as they vary year-to-year.
How to apply
Housing Plus generally offers available properties to those who are on our waitlist. We recommend you make an application for our waitlist by picking up an application form from your local office or downloading one from our website HERE. It can be hand delivered or emailed to us with your supporting documents and we will be in touch when we have a house for you. When your wait turn is reached we will reassess your eligibility for the program. For more information call 1800 603 300.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is housing that enables people with very high needs to live comfortably and receive their daily supports. Funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation is provided for eligible NDIS participants.

Housing Plus has developed an innovative design for long-term supported accommodation based around the concept of individual villa-style units, clustered around a shared living space, with 24-hour on-site support. Each villa has interior living spaces configured to be easily adapted to the changing individual needs of residents, enabling each tenant to exercise choice and control over his/her lifestyle and daily supports.

We currently provide Supported Disability Accommodation in Orange and Dubbo.

Are you eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation?
As an eligible NDIS participant, you will meet with an NDIS representative to discuss your current situation and supports. If required, this will include conversations about your need for Specialist Disability Accommodation. This process may lead to an assessment for Specialist Disability Accommodation. For more information call 1800 603 300.

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