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Commit and Change

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program, Commit and Change, is for men who use control or abuse toward a current or former partner. The program is for men who are starting to think about change. Participants talk, share information, challenge and support each other to be better men and fathers.

Sometimes a family member, partner, the court or child protection agency will encourage a man to participate in a domestic violence program but participation is voluntary AND depends on being assessed as suitable for the program.

Participating in the Commit and Change program can help you work towards a relationship that is based on safety and respect.

The Men’s Behaviour Change program explores the impact of abuse and violence on partners, children, ourselves, and others. We explore ideas about men’s roles in society and relationships and examine the ideas that help or hurt those relationships.
We look at responses to conflict and how we can take responsibility for safety and self. Communication, self-reflection and dealing with strong emotions are also important elements of the program.

This is a free program.

To find out more information or to enquire about Commit and Change please call 1800 959 825 or complete our online referral form.

If you or someone you know requires support: