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Leaving a Bequest

Leaving a bequest

A bequest, or legacy, can be the most important gift you ever give. By remembering Housing Plus in your Will you are ensuring the future stability and safety of vulnerable men, women and children, that are experiencing, or are at risk of, homelessness and/or domestic and family violence by helping to provide services and much needed crisis accommodation.

Housing Plus is a charity and not-for-profit organisation that provides housing for individuals and families on low to moderate incomes, and homelessness and domestic and family violence services that break the cycle of disadvantage.

We are currently fundraising for The Orchard Orange a crisis centre for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. The Orchard provides a safe and secure space for women and their children who are homeless due to physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Your bequest and other gifts will help us continue to run this crisis centre, meaning that women and children can remain, and be safe, in our community close to their support networks, employment and schools.

How do I make a bequest?

We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter and we respect your privacy. Communicate your wishes to your loved ones and please notify us of your planned bequest if you so desire. Notifying us does not alter your right to change or update your wishes if circumstances change, but it does help us plan for the future.

Can you help me write my Will?

Unfortunately, we are unable to help write your Will as we do not have the legal expertise. We recommend that you consult with a lawyer.

What type of gift can I leave?

There are many ways to include Housing Plus in your Will. The four options to leave a bequest are:

1. Residual bequest
After you have provided for your family and friends you can leave what is left – the residue, or a percentage of the residue – to Housing Plus. As your estate increases in value, so does your bequest. A residual bequest helps offset the effect of inflation.

2. Cash sum
A specific cash sum is a common form of bequest. This does not allow for inflation or a change in your circumstances; however, you may want to review it regularly.

3. A percentage
This is regarded as the most flexible way to give as it adapts more readily to your circumstances.

4. Special arrangements
If you have a complicated estate or wish to specify, other than general purpose, how your gift is used please email or telephone 1800 603 300.

What wording do I use?

We advise that you seek qualified expert assistance from a lawyer when putting together your Will.

If you already have a Will, your bequest can of course be added as a Codicil (modification). We recommend that you seek professional advice on how to do this.

To be certain your bequest reaches Housing Plus, it is important to use our full legal name and include our Australian Charity Number as shown below:

Housing Plus
ABN: 83 147 459 461