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Domestic Violence Local Coordination Point

History of the Local Coordination Point

The new whole of Government Domestic Violence “Safer Pathways’ reforms were launched in Orange September 2014. The reforms form part of wider reforms to ensure that victims are able to access the help they need and that perpetrators are held accountable. Part of the reforms provided for a Domestic Violence Local Coordination Point (LCP). Acting as the first point of call for victims of domestic violence, the service coordinates a range of services to wrap around the victim and secure their safety and other welfare needs.

Services Offered

When the Police are called to a domestic violence incident, the victim’s details are sent immediately from Police to the Domestic Violence Local Coordination Point. This service contacts the victim within 1 day and acts to address the immediate safety needs of the victim.
Both Police and the LCP carry out a threat assessment on each victim to determine how much danger they are in. Victims deemed to be at serious threat of further injury or death are referred to a Safety Action Meeting (SAM). At the SAM a range of high level Government and non-Government Service providers share information about each case so that services can act more quickly and effectively to protect the victim.

The meetings include agencies such as Police, Health, Corrections, FACs, Housing NSW, Housing Plus, and the Department of Education. Ultimately, the aim is to reduce the chance of a victim incurring further injury or death.


The Local Coordination Point provides:

  • Domestic violence risk assessment and needs evaluation
  • Safety planning and safety case coordination, including assistance with escaping the violence, transport, refuges, security, victims compensation
  • Referral to a Safety Action Meeting (SAM) including coordination of the meeting, the actions of the service providers and communication with the victim
  • Referral and connection to the range of services available in the community, including Operation Courage, Orange Homelessness Service and the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service.