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Simon was suffering from a debilitating mental illness and at risk of eviction from his public housing property when he came into contact with our specialist homelessness service. He is now thriving and excited at the prospect of moving out of public housing into the private rental market…

When Simon was referred to the Orange Homelessness and Housing Support Service, he was at risk of being evicted from his public housing property. He was unable to care for and maintain his property and, as a result, was caught up in disputes with angry neighbours. He was fearful that he would become homeless as he had no family or support networks in the community.

Simon disclosed that he had mental health issues that had not been treated by his GP, due to his inability to leave the house. His caseworker immediately arranged an appointment with his GP and assisted him in getting to his appointment.

Simon was placed on a mental health care plan and the caseworker arranged for a payment plan to be put in place with his housing provider to pay for the cost of repairing the damage to the property. Simon was also referred to a financial counsellor.

With the assistance of these services, Simon was able to maintain the tenancy at his existing property. He was later referred on to a case management service that specialises in working with clients with a diagnosed mental illness.

Simon is now thriving and is looking to move out of public housing into the private rental market.

*Name has been changed to protect identity