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Australian Social Value Bank

In 2010, Housing Plus led the establishment of an informal alliance between four regional NSW community housing providers (now three) to raise awareness of regional housing issues and to collaborate in the pursuit of strategic objectives.

2017 marked the formal establishment of Alliance Social Enterprises (comprising the three members of the Housing Alliance) as a company. The first collaboration under this new entity was the establishment of the Australian Social Value Bank (ASVB).

The ASVB is a unique approach to measuring social outcomes for not-for-profit and corporate sector organisations. The aim is to facilitate widespread adoption of a world class methodology by providing an affordable measurement tool.

The ASVB provides access to financial proxies for a wide range of well-being values that can be used to:

  • Conduct a basic assessment of the economic impact of socially directed initiatives
  • Provide evidence of value for money for Board reports or government grant applications
  • Compare the impact and return on investment of different programs and optimise the value for money in program design

Values can be used within a full Social Return on Investment assessment or as a basis for cost benefit analysis.