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Customer Feedback and Complaints

Tell us what you think

You have the right to give feedback and complain about our service.

Positive feedback tells us what we are doing well.

Complaints and negative feedback help us learn from our mistakes and make our service better.

We take your feedback and complaints seriously.

How do I provide feedback or make a complaint?

If you need help to give feedback or make a complaint there are services who can help you.

What we need to know

  • Who you are – or you can choose to remain anonymous
  • How we can contact you
  • What you want us to know
  • What you want to happen next

What is the complaints procedure?

We aim to investigate and resolve all complaints within 21 working days.

If you are not happy with our decision, you can tell us.

A more senior manager will contact you to talk about your complaint.

What if I am still not happy with the outcome of my complaint?

We will let you know your options for appeal.

The appeals process will decide if we have made the right decision.


Click here for our Customer Feedback and Complaints Fact Sheet

Click here for our Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy